I have asked myself this question many times – like when I was trying to salvage my marriage for the third time, or while on many questionable dates, and sometimes even just in the supermarket aisle trying to remember what the hell I’m there for.

But why Lou Writes life?

Since the book launched, I’ve been managing (read, not doing anything with, and feeling guilty about) my book website, meanwhile also managing (read, never quite getting round to posting again, and feeling guilty about) my Divorced & Dating at 30 blog. So just like all the adverts suggest you do with your debt, I decided to consolidate my guilt-inducing, non-thriving websites and throw them all into one place with a whole new blog for me to update too!

The reality is, I had been looking for an outlet to start writing again and the book website wasn’t the right place, and the stories on Divorced & Dating at 30 are me from quite a few years ago. So I needed a new space, a space that felt like me now, a space that inspired me to start sharing again, a space that allowed me to write about all the things swirling through my head now.

So much has changed since I began writing, and even since I published the book – how was that 10 months ago?! – and I’m excited to dive into a lot of the topics that were themes in the book. There will be a focus on mental health, relationships of all kinds (romantic, family, friends, our relationship with ourselves), and really just the human experience, which is what fascinates me! I have loved the conversations that I’ve had with readers of the book and I’m excited to delve into them right here.

You can still buy my book, and all the Divorced and Dating posts are here too, in case you never found them before 😉 I’ve also added most of the media links, like my Q&A on Anna De La Rosa’s blog, my feature on The Fearless Warrior podcast, and my chat with Lulu and Jana on the It’s Wild podcast.

So that’s what we’re doing here! Normalising discussing mental health, living life to my own timeline and figuring out myself and my relationships as both evolve is gonna be the tea. There’s going to be a lot more coming and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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